April 28th, 2010


Welcome to our Tech Support section here you will find the most common solutions to errors and problems you may experience.

  1. Browsers: This website is best viewed in the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
    • Mozilla FireFox 3.0+
    • Google Chrome 2.0+

      To Fix most problems with viewing the website make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version available. We support most every browser available, but highly recommend using the ones listed above since they are compliant with most of today’s website (CSS/XHTML) standards.
  2. Text/Font Size: If for any reason the text is too hard to read on any sections of our site you can use your browsers Zoom function.

    • How to Zoom: hold down the Ctrl key on either side of you keyboard below the Shift key, Now if you have a Mouse Wheel (in the center of your mouse)  Roll it forward to Zoom IN and Roll it backward to Zoom Out while holding the Ctrl key. If you do not have a mouse Wheel on your mouse you can hold Ctrl and Press the + or – keys.

      *Note: All browsers handle the Zoom function differently so we highly suggest that you use the latest versions of the browsers listed above.

  3. Resolution: Screen size and Viewable area of the website is determined by your Graphical Resolution, NOT by the size of your Monitor (however monitor size will help with font size issues).

    • The optimum resolution for viewing our site is 1024×768 (today’s most common web page standard). 

      How to change your resolution:
    • For Windows 95/98/2000/XP you can find your Display Properties in the Control Panel under Display or follow this Guide: Change Windows Resolution.
    • For Windows Vista you can also find your Display Settings in the Control Panel under Appearance and Personalization or follow this Guide: Change Vista Resolution.
    • For Macs you can find your Display Properties in the System Preferences or follow this Guide: Set Your Mac Preferences.
    • For All other Operating Systems we recommend you do a Google Search of “Change Resolution Your_Operating_System_Name_Here”.
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